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Août / Septembre!

Uh Huh Her - Shiiine (Kim Anh Small Pyramids Remix)



Uh Huh Her - Shiiine (Kim Anh Small Pyramids Remix) by KIM ANH

My wife bought the remix album today, and MY GOD! Amazing is an understatement. But why is Tumblr not as obsessed with DJ Kim Anh like I am? When I saw her in St. Louis, it quickly became apparent that she deserves a shrine in her honor for her amazing DJ-ness. Seriously. 




Ryuichi Sakamoto


Ryuichi Sakamoto

Fall Over (Djemba Djemba Remix)

Banks remixed by Djemba Djemba

Do You Feel The Same? [released 14th April 2014]

She’s back!